Gary Wolfer

Gary Wolfer, grew up in Western New York where he attended Pioneer Central School and fine tuned the hand skills that make him one of the best Orthotic and Prosthetic Fabrication Technicians in the Nation. He has over 12 years experience in Orthotic and Prosthetic fabrication. His knowledge in the lab allows Carolina Orthotics & Prosthetics to design, fabricate, and fit the highest quality orthotics and prosthetics. While his commitment to incorporating the latest technology available ensures products and devices will most appropriately serve the unique needs of individual patients.

Gary’s ability and skills combined with a state of the art fabrication facility, allow Carolina O&P to fabricate almost exclusively in house and avoid the lead times associated with off-site central fabrication companies. Carolina O&P practitioners are available or on call 24/7 and Gary’s turnaround time can be reduced to a minimum in emergency situations.

Gary, in his spare time, enjoys everything outdoors from riding his bicycle or motorcycle to camping and four wheeling.