I have been a patient of Carolina Orthotics and Prosthetics (COP) since 1994. As a double amputee, who lost his legs in a traumatic amputation, I have had many problems over the years, due specifically to ill-fitting prostheses. Once I began working with COP and its staff, they have worked tirelessly with me to ensure that I have the best fitting prosthetic devices that are possible. As technology has progressed, COP staff, working with the Veterans Administration has ensured that the latest applicable prostheses have been made available to me. Additionally, since I travel and spend a lot of time in Washington DC, COP goes the extra mile, by seeing me on the weekends and in the evenings when necessary to make it as convenient as possible. When necessary, COP ensures that I have all necessary accessories, even going so far as to overnight them to me at their expense. As far as I am concerned, without COP, I would not have the mobility I enjoy today, allowing me to continue my business career. COP and its staff are outstanding in every way.

Becoming a patient at Carolina Orthotics and Prosthetics has made a tremendous impact on my life. It wasn’t until I became a patient at Carolina Orthotics and Prosthetics that I was provided with three different working legs; water, running, and walking legs. I have recently been fitted with a j-leg which I run long distances with. I run 3-6 miles four times per week in preparation for an upcoming half marathon. My walking leg is cosmetic and also has an adjustable ankle which gives me the option to wear flat shoes or shoes with a heel height. In addition, the water leg that Carolina Orthotics and Prosthetics provided me with allows me to walk without trouble at water parks and play sand volleyball at the beach during the summer. Carolina Orthotics and Prosthetics continually works hard to ensure comfort and durability of my prosthetic legs. I would recommend Carolina Orthotics and Prosthetics to any amputee looking for a facility that not only identifies its patient’s need but also facilitates its patients with the appropriate products and services that meet the needs of their patient’s lifestyle.