Lower Extremity

Lower extremity (foot, leg and hip disarticulation) amputations range from vascular to trauma, young to old, sports enthusiasts to basic ambulation. Every patient has his or her own ideas of success, so each patient is assessed by their clinician to create a customized rehabilitation program that is consistent with their individual goals.

The advancements in technology with lower extremity prosthetic components has been amazing with the development of microprocessor controlled knees and feet. These advancements enhance the functional capabilities of the lower extremity patient. This enhancement is only possible with a properly fitted socket. Carolina-Ottobock Care lower extremity specialists will conduct a thorough evaluation of the residual limb, listen to the patients’ goals and objectives, and together they will determine what system best fits his/her needs.

Below the Knee

A below-the-knee prosthesis consists of a foot, endoskeletal components, socket, liner and suspension.

Above the Knee

An above-the-knee prosthesis consists of a foot, endoskeletal components, knee, socket, liner and suspension.