Cranial Helmets

Our pediatric helmet specialists are certified professionals in the treatment of positional plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, and scaphocephaly in infants 3 – 12 months of age. Carolina O&P offers a wide selection of cranial molding orthosis to effectively manage a variety of head shape deformities. Our clinical protocols are designed to provide proper fitting of the orthosis and close follow-up and adjustments to ensure best outcomes.

For treatment of cranial asymmetry as a result of Positional Plagiocephaly, Brachycephaly & Scaphocephly in children 3-12 months of age

• Carolina O&P utilizes 4-D scanning technology for safe, accurate and precise scans for your child in under 3 minutes

• Carolina O&P fits their helmets 3 days after initial scanning

• Carolina O&P provides ten data points to ensure accuracy of diagnosis, treatment & payor requirements

• Less than 1% of Carolina O&P patients require a second helmet (other providers are “less than 20%”)

• Carolina O&P averages 9-14 weeks treatment time VS. 16-24 weeks for other providers

• Carolina O&P’s Predictive Table enables us to tell parents the length of treatment when treatment starts

• Determine viability of PlagioCradleTM for infants too young for helmeting