Pediatric Orthotics & Prosthetics

Pediatric orthotics and prosthetics is a unique and exciting area that requires exceptional clinical skills. Carolina-Ottobock Care has pediatric specialists throughout the state, able to interpret the needs of a child often often voiced through a parent of a caregiver while incorporating the functional requirements of the prescribing physician. Carolina-Ottobock Care is passionate about its commitment to pediatric orthotics and prosthetics. Our professional staff works very closely with pediatric specialists throughout the state including physical therapist, physicians, and specialized clinics. We also recognize that parents and family play a significant role in helping the youngster to reach his/her full potential. Carolina-Ottobock Care understands how critical the team approach is when the patient is a child and we will work with the parents through education and follow up for life.

Pediatric Prosthetics

Prosthetics for children is very different than prosthetics for adults. Although the technology and the principle remain the same, children are very active and require adjustments for growth. Also, in case of children, the parents and the prosthetists are much more involved in the entire process of fitting the child with a prosthetic limb. Here at Carolina-Ottobock Care, we aim to fit them with a prosthesis that enables them to be a child, and let nothing get in their way.

Pediatric Orthotics & Shoes

It is important to ensure that the child always wears a sock under the orthosis. Also, the child should be gradually eased into wearing the device. Begin with one to two hours of wear at a time, several times per day for the first seven days. Increase wear time and frequency from there until the child is wearing it all day. Choosing the right footwear to be worn in conjunction with lower extremity orthosis is important
A good shoe has:
  • A blucher style opening
  • A removable insole
  • A low profile shoe below the ankle
  • A wide toe box (or a shoe that is wider in size than normal)
  • Ties or straps that fit snugly
  • An extended shoe tongue

Cranial Helmets

The pediatric specialists understand the unique design requirements to treat traumatic brain injury, neurological disorders, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, and plagiocephaly. The material and design needed to achieve the highest potential of our pediatric patients, is what our staff strives for and achieves daily. Our pediatric helmets specialists treat positional plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, scaphocephaly and other head shape deformities in infants 3-18 months of age. Carolina-Ottobock Care offers a wide selection of cranial remolding orthosis to effectively manage a variety of head shape deformities, levels of severity, and clinical indications.

Spinal Bracing

Carolina-Ottobock Care is competent in traditional orthotic systems used to treat scoliosis including daytime and nightime orthosis such as the Charleston Bending Brace. We offer a range of scoliosis devices allowing our scoliosis specialists to determine the best design choice to treat each unique curvature and provide the patient with the best opportunity for a successful outcome.

Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO)

Unique KAFO’s custom fabricated for your patients who present or require treatment for Blount’s Disease, Rickets, Bow Leg, Knocked Kneed and other skeletal malalignments of the the lower extremity. Dynamic joint systems allow for sequential correction of the deformity and allows for accommodation of growth. Patient compliance is not an issue due to auto-aligning, free motion polycentric knee joint capabilities that have the ability to isolate measured tibio-femoral alignment in 2 and 4 degree increments. System that creates a bending moment which maintains a four-point correction throughout the full range of knee motion. Our KAFO designs are adaptable to incorporate medial or lateral Step lock or Drop lock joint to simplify straightening adjustment and increase knee stability if needed.