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Reshaping the future of cranial remodeling therapy.

Introducing the MyCRO Band by Ottobock.

The 3D printed helmet designed to treat plagiocephaly and brachycephaly with a precision perfect fit. 

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MyCRO Band Benefits

Perfectly Made to Fit

Designed with advanced scanning technology, your baby’s MyCRO Band will be specifically personalized to fit their unique head shape.

3D Printed

MyCRO Band is created from the unique scan of your baby’s head using state of the art 3D printing technology, resulting in a precision-perfect fit.

Lighter. Thinner. Better.

Uniquely light and slim, the MyCRO Band offers an innovative, open-air design that’s built to be easier to wear than traditional foam helmets.

Features to keep
your child happy

Washable Inner Lining

The soft fabric inner lining can be washed with simple soap and water, promoting proper hygiene and healthy skin.

Lightweight, Thin Profile

The slim, lightweight, open-air design keeps your baby cool and free to snuggle in close.

MySize Closure System

Self-expanding closure system intuitively adjusts as your baby grows throughout the treatment process.

Fun Design Options

Choose from several adorable artwork designs to match your baby's personal style.

How is MyCRO Band different from traditional helmets?

If you’re concerned about the shape of your baby’s head or have received a diagnosis of plagiocephaly, you can take comfort in knowing the experts at Ottobock have created an innovative new solution. 

From the initial fitting to the final results, MyCRO Band is not only different from the traditional, bulky helmets but provides numerous advantages for both baby and you.

Happy Parents, Happy Babies

"As new parents, the MyCRO made life so much easier. The ability to clean the helmet liner so easily made a world of difference for us. We also loved that the helmet didn't look like a medical device."
Linna D.
Parent of Baby Hudson

Introducing MyCRO Band

Treat plagiocephaly with a band produced to match the exact shape of your baby’s head. Discover the advantages of MyCRO Band, the personally precise CRO device.

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